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Aspire, Achieve, Advance (3aaa) is an “outstanding” international organisation that secures jobs, delivers Apprenticeships and Work Based Vocational Education Solutions. 3aaa UK was founded in 2008, and is now recognised as one of the most successful and effective skills organisations in England.Every year across its 40 work based academies, 3aaa supports 2200 employers to generate 3100 jobs and develops the skills of 3500 adults and young people enabling them to have a fulfilling and successful work life.

Building on this success in the UK, 3aaa along with the TranZed Apprenticeship Service (Children’s Guild) in Baltimore have launched “3aaa USA” to ensure that there is an affordable, relevant and successful Apprenticeship programs to effectively challenge and provide an alternative to the “college for everyone” culture.

With over 5 million unfiled jobs in America, TranZed / 3aaa USA will work with employers to develop affordable, bespoke, accredited Apprenticeship programs to move some of the Millions of Americans who could successfully fill those jobs if they had the skills employers are currently looking for.

“We’re empowering companies, unions, industry groups and federal agencies to go out and create new opportunities for millions of citizens, to place students into great jobs without crippling debt… instead apprentices earn while they learn”
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Since 1642, America has a long history in supporting and valuing Apprenticeships, but in recent years it has seen a relative decline in its popularity. This, in reality is no different from the journey of the United Kingdom (UK), and building on the lessons learned in the UK, we will deliver Apprenticeship programs (starting with IT and Social Media) that will re-energize Americas love of Apprenticeships. The TranZed / 3aaa Apprenticeship service places a huge emphasis on employing high-quality, industry-experienced staff, which means that we are able to deliver outstanding Apprenticeship programs that are developed with a focus on providing industry led skills that you need to grow your business and remain competitive.

With your support we will offer a personalized, local service across the East Coast as we look to change the lives of young people and adults through our work with local employers, recruiting Apprentices and helping our students to find a pathway into the career of their dreams.

We work closely with our students to offer them life changing opportunities and support so that they can start a prosperous career within their chosen occupation and find their own way to the middle classes. We will develop the Apprentice’s skills through highly interesting, relevant and motivational training in superb educational environments, equipped with industry standard equipment and resources.

Our dedicated and expert Recruitment Executives work closely with YOU the employer, to understand the requirements of YOUR business and help YOU to select the best possible candidate to suit YOUR needs. This is part of the ‘match and fill’ recruitment service that we offer during the “ASPIRE” stages of our modern Apprenticeship services from our “Technology Draft – Talent Pool”. We want our Apprentices to be highly valued by employers and very quickly progress to show a clear return on your investment and to play pivotal role in helping to transform businesses across the country.

As specialists in the delivery of Apprenticeships, we understand the challenges that small and medium sized companies face in sourcing, recruiting, training and retaining high quality staff. We work with our employers to make sure that Apprentices have an immediate impact on their businesses and will form their pipeline of future talent.

When you choose a TranZed / 3aaa USA Apprenticeship,
you open up a world of opportunity.
Why a TranZed / 3aaa USA Apprenticeship?

Through our high quality, successful and innovative Modern Apprenticeship, whatever you ASPIRE to be can be ACHIEVED, enabling you to ADVANCE your career or secure the skills you need for the long term success of your business all while earning a good paycheck. The combination of customized and personalized job-related education within one of our academies, and supervised on-the-job learning, provides a number of benefits for participating employers /students.


Our Apprenticeship Services works to bring you the best of both worlds: instructional opportunities and on-the-job learning.


Degrees and certifications alone are not reliable indicators of an employee’s success in a particular career.

Apprenticeships give aspiring professionals the real world experience they need to get the edge in the job market. For many, the Apprenticeship route is not such an obvious choice. But for those who are motivated to get started in the job market, an Apprenticeship is an excellent way of gaining essential experience.

What does a TranZed/3aaa USA Apprenticeship look like?
Our Apprenticeships are designed to be employer based and led. TranZed / 3aaa programs are built on the high quality and outstanding success of 3aaa and Apprenticeships across the UK. Each program involves an education model that embraces innovative concepts in workforce development as well as rigorous academic standards and is based around three core aspects, ASPIRE, ACHIEVE & ADVANCE. Beyond the formal education delivery methods, we offer employers a program that begins with a rigorous selection process and ends with a high quality committed worker who are fully able to perform in their workplace position.

Employer Benefits

Motivated & Satisfied Workforce

92% of employers said that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
75% of employers have their former Apprentices still working for them
57% of employers report their recruited Apprentices go on to management positions.

Increased productivity

81% of employers said that Apprentices increased overall productivity.

The average productivity increase per week is $360 per Apprentice.

59% of businesses say they benefit from lower training and recruitment costs.

Corporate Social Responsibility

67% of customers agreed that offering Apprenticeships is “a key part of a company’s contribution to society”

Creates good news stories as Apprenticeships provide positive impact on local employment

Customers are willing to pay a price premium if that company are investing in local jobs and skills through Apprenticeships.